Secure Shipment

With secure shipment, you can secure your forward shipments* with invoice value greater than Rs.5000 and ensure full coverage of your shipment in case of loss or damage.

How to Secure Your shipment? 

Step 1: To be eligible for securing your shipment, you need to configure your details in the Settings page. To do that, Go to Settings → Account setup → Secure shipment 

Step 2: To Automatically secure all forward shipments with invoice value greater than Rs.5000, go to Settings → Account setup → Secure shipment and turn on toggle “Automatically secure all shipments with invoice value greater than Rs.5000”

While creating a single forward shipment, you will get an option to secure your shipment while selecting your preferred courier partner. 

You can also opt in while placing shipments in bulk. In the csv that you upload, a new column by the name of is_secure is added where you can choose which shipments to secure. 

Otherwise, you will also be able to secure all eligible shipments while placing them in bulk.

Channel orders can also be secured individually or while placing in bulk. Turn on toggle provided in “Actions tab” or in order placing pop up to secure your shipment.

How can I check how much a secured shipment will cost? 


Step 1: Go to Tools → Shipment Calculator.

Step 2: Enter all required details such as pickup pincode, drop pincode, dimensions, weight of the shipment, Invoice value etc. 

Step 3: If invoice value entered is greater than Rs.5000, you will get an option if your shipment is secured. Click “Yes” and press Calculate. You will be able to see how much a secured shipment will cost. 

Important Points to be Noted

  • Products such as Alcohol, Cigarettes, Hazardous goods, Cement, Deeds, securities, treasury notes, Gas appliances will not be eligible for a claim in case shipment is lost or damaged as part of secure shipment*
  • The shipment must not be second hand/refurbished, falling under dangerous/ restricted items as mentioned in the terms and conditions, and a counterfeit or fraud product*
  • All packaging guidelines must have been followed duly*. In case of damaged shipments, videos/images of damaged consignment will have to be provided
  • Correct product details are to be entered while securing a shipment with Pickrr to be eligible for a claim in case of loss or damage of the same*
  • Please make sure bank details provided in Settings-->KYC Details-->Bank details are correct and updated*


*Secure shipment charges will not be reversed in case above instructions are not followed.
*Please make sure to validate product category from provided exclusion list before enabling secure shipment on any order as this will be irreversible. 

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