Pickrr Predict

A powerful RTO reduction suite, Pickrr Predict helps eCommerce businesses lower their RTO by up to 50%. The model analyses 40+ parameters across customers’ historical purchases, source address, delivery address, courier performance, store’s RTO history and more to allocate a risk percentage to each COD order. This enables the sellers to make informed decisions to ship an order or not.

On the basis of specific risk reasons assigned to each order, you can take specific actions and reduce your effective cost by reducing your overall RTO percentages by as much as 35%.

The section is available for all new placed orders. It showcases highly risky orders alongwith their RTO reasons. Also, for all the filtered risky orders, a report with detailed information can be generated and sent to the entered email address.

The COD orders that are flagged as risky can be easily converted to prepaid to avoid any last-minute cancellations by the consumers. You can send links to your consumers where they can quickly prepay for their order. 

Refer to below screenshot depicting the RTO Risk per order :

Pickrr Predict provides you with the options to approve, edit, or cancel the orders to reduce RTO. With these options, you can analyze the reasons that are causing NDR or RTO of the orders.

Upon clicking view on flagged orders you can further determine the reason and take action accordingly. Refer to below screenshot for the same :

RTO is a major hindrance in the growth of eCommerce businesses. If not tackled efficiently, it could severely impact a business’ revenue, irrespective of the quality of products and services offered. Utilize the smart solutions offered by Pickrr Predict and convert RTO losses to business profitability.

Pickrr Predict Free trial 15 days.